In the 4th quarter of 2017, The College House was acquired by Vivid Print Apparel from HIT Promotions. Vivid Print Apparel has a successful background in the decorated apparel industry. When the owners of Vivid Print Apparel were presented with the opportunity to acquire The College House, it seemed to be a natural fit as the ownership had previous experience managing multiple collegiate retail brands.

Since the acquisition took place in 2017, our team has learned that our immediate focus will be on implementing a gold standard of customer service, on-time deliveries and providing our customers access to fresh designs and products.

Our vision for The College House is to become one of the top providers of decorated collegiate apparel across the nation. Our plan to achieve this vision starts with one satisfied customer at a time. Our sales staff, customer service team, production team and ownership are all invested in customer satisfaction. If you ever experience an issue that needs attention, please don't hesitate to contact anyone within our organization. All employees of our brand are tasked with providing "Gold Level" customer service.